Proudly supporting HOOPP’s annual conference


Verdion was a proud attendee of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) fourth annual conference bringing together sustainability leaders and senior management to share experiences, challenges and best practices. This year’s theme Adaptation: Embracing Change, focused on how real estate owners and managers are adapting to change throughout the business chain to manage risk and identify new business opportunities. The Toronto-based event was followed by the seventh annual LEAP sustainability awards.

“HOOPP is recognised as good stewards for the environment and a leader in sustainability,” said Jim Keohane, President and CEO. “The annual LEAP events bring together property managers from around the world to discuss and innovate on industry leading practices and we recognise their innovation through our LEAP awards.”

The C$70 billion AUM fund provides financial backing for Verdion development projects across Europe.

Michael Hughes, Chief Executive of Verdion, said: “Sometimes it’s not enough to take a Europe-wide approach. We develop, invest and manage assets for the long term and to do that as successfully as possible, a global view is essential.

“It was good to be able to share some of our own news too. iPort Rail especially was of great interest to the conference attendees. The environmental benefits of rail freight are well established, of course, but the way that the facility is integrated into the wider iPort logistics hub and our decision to operate it independently was something that stood out.”